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Minor in Jewish Studies

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Requirements for the Minor

The minor requires 18 credit hours, including 12 hours at the junior/senior level. Students must complete 1 course that focuses on the ancient world and 1 course whose focus is the modern. 6 credit hours of course work must be chosen from JWSH courses.

In addition, all minors must take either JWSH 490 or JWSH 491, independent study courses generally taken in the senior year in which students work closely with a faculty adviser and develop a research paper or an alternative project to be completed by the end of the semester. Students should first consult with the director of the program to gain approval of the topic and the faculty adviser.

All of these 9 credit hours must be taken in residence at KU. The 9 additional hours can be fulfilled by 3 courses cross-referenced in at least 1, preferably 2, departments outside Jewish studies. Every semester, courses with sufficient Jewish content (40 to 50 percent) to be counted toward the minor are listed and made available for students to consider in crafting their minors. 1 course in Yiddish or 1 course above the 200 level in Hebrew may count among these hours.

Please note that if 1 of these courses—HEBR 210, HEBR 220, YDSH 104, or YDSH 108—is counted toward the minor, this results in a JWSH minor program of 20 credit hours.

Courses Offered in the Jewish Studies Program

Cross-Referenced Courses

  • AMS 344 Case Study in American Studies: Jewish-American Literature and Culture (service-learning course only)
  • AMS 494 Topics in: Jewish-American Literature and Culture
  • AMS 494 Topics in: Blacks and Jews in the United States
  • AMS 696 Studies in: Biography of a City: Jerusalem: 3000 Year History
  • ANTH 465 Genocide and Ethnocide
  • ENGL 203 Topics in Reading and Writing: Holocaust Literature
  • ENGL 336 Jewish-American Literature and Culture
  • ENGL 536 Reading in the Holocaust
  • HEBR 110 Elementary Israeli Hebrew I
  • HEBR 120 Elementary Israeli Hebrew II
  • HEBR 210 Intermediate Israeli Hebrew I
  • HEBR 220 Intermediate Israeli Hebrew II
  • HEBR 230 Biblical Hebrew
  • HEBR 240 Biblical Hebrew II
  • HEBR 310 Introduction to Modern Hebrew Literature
  • HEBR 340 Aspects of Modern Hebrew
  • HEBR 350 Intermediate Conversational Hebrew
  • HEBR 453 Investigation and Conference: _____
  • HIST 341 Hitler and Nazi Germany
  • HIST 343 The Holocaust in History
  • HIST 503 The Ancient History of the Near East
  • HIST 660 Biography of a City: Jerusalem: 3000 Year History
  • HIST 661 Palestine and Antiquity
  • REL 107 Living Religions of the West
  • REL 311 Hebrew Scriptures (Old Testament in English)
  • REL 315 History and Literature of Early Christianity
  • REL 325 Introduction to Judaism
  • REL 326 Introduction to the Talmud and Interpretation
  • REL 376 American Judaism: Life and Thought
  • REL 500 Readings in Non-English Religious Texts
  • REL 523 The Dead Sea Scrolls
  • REL 525 Jews and Christians in Greco-Roman Antiquity
  • REL 560 Classical and Contemporary Jewish Thought
  • REL 570 Studies in Judaism
  • REL 761 Seminar in Western Religious Thought: Talmud and Philosophy
  • THR 380 Popular Culture:/JWSH 300 Topics in Jewish Studies: Jewish-American Popular Culture